Thursday, October 2, 2008

Gilded cages

I have always been an extreme liberalist ever since i recall. I hate any sort of bondage, extra luggage on anyone. Firm believer that everyone should be free to do whatever he/she wants to.
Recently my friend in a multinational company described the atmosphere to me.
Campus 10km away from city, Self contained campus, plush rooms with television. So impressive na? Well all that glitters is never gold most of time some cheap metal. The working hours are extensive and laborious, trainings are unnecessary. This is one way acceptable as the company pays you it is expected that you give your best towards the venture. Next in line comes the virtual slavery. Cameras all over, personal email and social networking sites are not allowed access. No communication what so ever with the outside world. Its like an entire world that is contracted to a minuscule area of land.
I have and will never apply to a MNC as a technocrat ever. Managerial posts in MNC is where the moolah is and also where all the fun is. May apply to managerial post there if ever i want to.
I have a strong conviction in the perception that personal freedom should hold utmost importance in a persons life. A beggar with rags on street is a million times better than a convict serving sentence in jail. At least the beggar has choice what he can do what he can eat. Personal freedom and the right to free speech is something that one must value all his life. These two form the core on which self esteem is balanced.
Many people nowadays in order to procure money engage in a meaningless race of sycophancy and odiousness. There is nothing more degrading to yourself than the fact that you are licking someones behind to score some money. What do these people achieve? What are they going to feel when they are on their death bed. I have heard arguments like "This is temporary once i climb up the ladder I will be free from this bondage". To all such people I ask "What if tomorrow never comes??". Every ladder in society has another ladder which is posited a tad bit higher than the lower one. Every ladder has its restriction and bandages.
It is every persons responsibility to make sure he/she is treated well and given the importance he/she receives. Make sure that your are not damped and smothered by anything/anyone.
Everyone has to fight to keep the the difference that exists between free citizen of a free state and a slave.
For that it may require some sort of sacrifice or some bad situation. Remember again pauper ragged happier than monarch in gilded cage. All through my life I intend to break open the gilded cages and fly in free air.
Marathi song of same meaning. It calls for the bird to break open the gilded cage and escape to free world..........I wow no cage wrought,slivern,gilded is ever going to cage me


himshh said...

VIBHAV, i understand ur feelings , but if u want to be free birdie , u have to keep one thing in mind is that u have to be boss and divert ur all energy in that way that u even from begining start ur own business. cause even if u become manager , some one will be on ur head as boss and any one sitting on ur top gonna throw shitt only on ur head .

Anonymous said...

When I say things like that in public people look at me as if i am saying something crazy!

in todays world, yearning for control over your own life is considered preposterous!