Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Course of living a dream

So far everything is going as per my plan. Plan I made after using the divination art to my benefit. Time period and the step by step execution of events is following a path that I saw through eyes of planets. If I manage to pull this(Wont tell what now) then it will be a victory for me sure but it will be a much greater victory for astrology too. So now just wait and watch and hope..........
I have always loved soft and meaningful songs, the reason I adore the band Westlife. I am embedding the song that made me fan of westlife. Song called "My love". I am addicted to this song cant live without "my love" being around. I like to hear it whenever I feel like hearing it.
today I dedicate this to a person. No one including the person will ever come to know why am I doing this. A heart of a person of Scorpio is a deep labyrinth of secrets, secrets that if revealed can induce terrible demons upon the person who have trusted them with secrets. One of reason I have never(and don't intend to) consume alcohol. Enough "me" fables. Listen to song lyrics included :). I cannot embed official video so this is second best

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