Sunday, October 12, 2008

Idiots guide to swallowing pills

I am down with a bout of flu :(. I hate being ill, just detest the sick feeling. One of the main reason being I rarely fall ill(so rare that all my illnesses are "black magic" for my mother heheh). I do have a constant allergic cold every now and then but rarely does a pathogen hijacks my body. Unfortunately now i under one of those attacks. Well last i got ill was in 2004 or so heheh. So its quiet boring to get sick. You have to swallow HUGE pills(I ll come to that point) and people call you to enquire about you and you have to bear witness to their counter questions and be prepared to hear "You eat outside food thats main reason for this........." heheh.
What strikes me is the lightening fast process of "falling" ill. I was perfectly well yesterday evening by night i was restless and morning totally miserable. And in in spite of all this I had to go to by jyotish exam, it was a torture to drive till my class it was just a hells road. I felt sooo weak, its a quite insecure feeling that you are physically weak more than the weakness itself that sucks the energy. Thank god it didn't rain today that would have been total disaster. Hmm so paper was niryan mathematics, I am quite well versed in niryan mathematics so that was not a problem solved the paper and just immediately reached home. At home was confronted by mom with an array of tablets. This is worst part I just cant swallow tablets they just make me puke and dizzy. Ever since i was a child my mom had devised a algorithm for me to follow to help me swallow tablet. After 15 years I still follow that. Following is algorithm
Step 1:- Take a big glass of water and your tablets and leave for a secluded place.(Don't ask why even, my mothers lame explanation is "When you are alone you can concentrate on swallowing" hmm it has worked for me so I dont ask for more expositions
Step 2:- Drink a little water swallow it
Step 3:- Open your mouth as wide as you can, then directly drop the tablet inside you throat, don't let it touch your tongue(another moms gem "touching gets the bitter taste and you puke")
Step 4:-Now swallow the tablet and immediately pour a lot of water down your throat, just flush the tablet down.
Step 5:- By this stage I am experiencing the tablet go down in my stomach and tears swell in eyes(Don't know why). Rest for 2 minutes
Step 6:- check for tablets if they are left any go to step 1 else step7
Step 7:End your seclusion and join the society triumphantly :)
Well this plan of action has been put to test since I was 5 and it has yielded good results. I guess moms know best for their children :). hmm I just cant believe people who swallow pills without even the use of water. Very unique people.
So ending this idiots guide to swallowing pills

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Anonymous said...

You are a type A personality (intelligent, restless, competitive, aggressive).Thats why you get nausea from taking the medicines. You feel like vomiting less because of the bitter taste of medicine, more because of the medicines increasing the acidity of your stomach. Next time you have to take any medicine which you know will induce puking, take one or two glass of cold milk approx. 2 hours before you have the medicine. Alternatively you can have an antacid pill like Pantocid the first thing in the morning. Just remember to have an interval of 1-2 hrs before you take ur actual medicine. You won't puke or feel nauseated.
Source : Both parents docs