Monday, March 23, 2009

Love actually "is" there...

Trust me I have been the greatest critic of the said "true love" but I shed the skin. Yes finally I do accept that it is there. Two people can just "love" each other no-strings-attached. Now don't jump to conclusions that I have found someone(Saturn are you hearing? enough I think). This is about a friend and this is real friend, not the kind of friend we see in "sex help columns", I mean he is real not an Albie for me.
It will be quite a year since he told a girl his feelings, and now she accepted him and quite well. I asked his gf "What is it like to be in a relationship?" and guess what her reply was "I am always happy", just that. Now that is the most amazing example of what is called "love". And you know what? I am happy heheh. I may sound little weird as to why "I" should be happy? Well it is simple I see one of my close friend happy and I am happy. I know many people will be rolling their eyes(especially ones who know me) I am sorry to disappoint you there are no "buts" here.
I have managed to surprise myself beyond parallel, I never knew I could be so happy for some other person but I am heheh.
We have been through a lot, together and alone taking that into account this is the most wonderful thing I have done for him and for myself too. I haven't seen them together till now but will see them soon I guess. He doesn't show it but he loves his gf like a person loves his heartbeats.(and yeah I have to express it for him because he cant :P). Love is in the hot march air I suppose, and it is rubbing everyone with its fragrance. It is the raindrop that blesses the spot it drops on sure, but it also bounces off into a thousand small droplets that bless many other spots in near vicinity. I happen to have the fortune of that benediction love spreads.
I don't know whether I ll ever receive direct raindrops by "love courier service" but till then I am more than joyful to have the secondhand ones.
I feel happy that finally he got what he deserves and I am also happy that I have not even a hint of green in it. The latter doubles the mirth prior bestows because finally I can categorise myself as a "good human being" one who is genuinely happy for others.This may sound like a selfish thing to say especially since I am writing about a couple..but then
Whose blog are you reading?? Hello??. heheh
I would really really really give a song to the new couple. Its "kuch to hua hain" from Kal ho....It really says what a person must be feeling when he/she is in love. People in love do tell me whether its true or not.

Now dont get me wrong, I m not saying people dance on streets and do stupid things, but do they wish to do them? There lies the answer :). They may not do what song shows, but if they want to do that, then I think the song has served its purpose well
Well till now I was not sure I wanted to be in love(or rather does such thing exists), but after I experience the "bounced droplets"..I want to say "Bring on the rain Baby":)

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