Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Nice day

Suddenly I feel like being a daily blogger again, so writing dont know how much more time this feeling will remain though heheh.
Hmm nowadays I have early morning german classes, its not that early actually its 8:30. So got up early and went there. We had a replacement teacher while our original is busy with some seminar. Huh replacement ine was much better than our original. Actually our teacher is a bitch. I just hate her. She is an egoistic, self absorbed and extremely impatient teacher. During my A1 I had such nice teachers that made me interested in german and I enrolled for A2. but with current one I just dont see myself going for next level. She has destroyed whatever interest I had. One day we spent 4 hours correcting homework, horrible 4 hours. At the end I was nearly asleep. When I was absent(not purposely) few of my co-students went to the director of the institute to complain about her. I so wish I was one of them. huh...
She is so particular about pronounciation that she creates a hullabablaboo if we pronounce the word incorrectly. Okay we need to be proper in pronounciation no sweat. We have few malayalam nuns and priests in our class too. They have the most catastrophic pronounciations one has ever heard, but does she correct and insult them?? Nope. Now what to make of this differential treatment. Yes I said insult correct, every correction of her's is close to an insult.
hmm enough about my teacher from hell. I hope the deutscher Directkor changes her, and assigns a more understanding and friendly teacher to us.
So the day was not normal because of our replacement teacher was very nice we had fun there.
Enjoyed and learned, the way it should be. Then returned home and followed my normal routine.
Eat-sleep-internet. hehehe.
Right now in the course of next cycle..with sleep.heheh,not so early though.
Bye cyu later..

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