Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Long time no see

Well I am back to my daily blogs, looks like it though. So day started with my sudden decision to cut my hair. I of sudden I thought that I hate long hair(long in my context is 2inches). So got up at 9 am and rode away to barbers shop to just finish of all hair. After the order I gave to finish it off, I was left with a very unique customised haircut I call "Cactus cut". When your hair is so short that it stands up like a cactus thorn then the cut is called a "cactus cut". So I now sport cactus cut, heheheh.
hmm so went to german class, after the class I was scheduled to meet my friend, I have mentioned him before. He is A lives in Europe came for vacations. So we went back to our most frequented spot, felt nice to chat again. For few minutes I forgot he lived in europe........
hmm but reality is the bitch which never fails to bite. It was nice time, loved it. I am trying to squeeze in another meeting before he goes back to europe. Lets see I hope we can manage...
Another news...I am meeting Karun in person tomorrow. He has come to pune, actually shirdi but will stop over pune to meet me. So will write about this first of kind experience. How does it feels to meet someone who whom you already know very well but never met? A decade ago such sentence would be called as stupid, but internet has done it.
So what happend tomorrow will write it there..
Till then aufweidersen..gute nacht

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