Monday, January 12, 2009

Ich lerne Deutche

Hmm I am loving my German class,in spite of its gruelling time schedule its not at all boring and repeating. Just like plainly. Out teachers are very jolly and accommodating, they understand all difficulties before we ask them. Also we are learning by direct method, meaning the teacher teaches German in German from day 1. Well now I almost all what teacher(die lehrerin) says in German. I like this way, the translation and using English cribs to learn another language is not acceptable and time eating.
So apart from class I am enjoying the camaraderie that i share with fellow students. Apart from an old (and a lot talked about) friend I have met new people. Two 16 year old boys, exact replica of what i was heheheh, very naughty and very inquisitive. Also like the innocence they have, what 6 years can do? seeing with my eyes. I also have with me a very irritating person. He is like sooo sycophantic, he is sort of dumb and constantly asks whats the teacher saying. I hate him even my old friend hates him and we try to avoid sitting next to him but he finds a way to get a seat next to us..shit..
Well I recalled a very old song, "O sanam " by lucky ali, great song love its slow speed. Here's the ever young and ever favorite "O sanam" by lucky ali enjoy the song.

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