Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back to 2009

Hello...sorry for absence was busy with community so much that blog slipped to back of mind. Okay here are the updates. My sister has got married and is very happy with the same. I have passed my "jyotish visharad", with good colours. I have also started my leap towards further education.
hmm right now I have just started German classes. I have always thought about joining a class teaching European language. So with right now time to spare, I am doing it. I just had the first day today and it was very good. I am liking it very much. I hope I learn it till I master it like all the languages I know. Love languages....
Hmm 2009 has come. The year I was waiting for since 2007 has finally made its grand entrance.
2009 the year that will complete the most important dream I have till now. 2009 that will give a lot, forge a lot of me. Rahu will finally give its major result in 2009.
I hope I see a rerun of 2009 as I have already seen. Therefore the title is "back to 2009" that's not a mistake..
Only one request to planets..give me a 2009 that I saw in chart..Grant me my dream.
Here's the great song..."I have a dream"...by abba

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