Thursday, September 11, 2008

Taurus moon rocks

I am sort of Busy with my study of competitive exam so not writing much. I promise I empty my brain (and heart) once I finish my exam which will be in September end.
So just took a sabbatical with studies to write this one. Taurus moon. I have been asked innumerable times "Which is most rocking,happening zodiac sign??" Always my answer is "Taurus". People take it in jocular vein with normal reply that I get is "Its your sign so u saying".
Generally I flash a smile and end subject. Today I will not smile but go a step further to write how really it is truth.
Taurus is Earthy sign, the earthy nature indicates a diplomatic exterior. Taurus moon people are very diplomatic when dealing with general public, they weigh their words look for profits and are keen on getting returns in relationships. Having said so they show a stark contrast behavior when it comes to near and dear ones. Earthy nature is dual in nature. Taurus is fixed sign. Taurus indicates a very attached status, they cannot abruptly cut relationships and "move ahead"(Will talk about it later). Ruled by vivacious Venus Taurus is hopelessly romantic and very emotional when it comes to family, close friends and of course lovers.
Moon gets in to deep exaltation in krittika and is best in Rohini. Vrushabh holds Krittika one of the most powerful nakshtra and Rohini the most fortunate. Moon is placed in heaven for 4 days straight. Blessed moon in chart is a very good feature.
Moon as planet represents the mind, the psyche of a person. Moon exalted in Taurus is a feature which gives a quality of "bounce back" to person. As i wrote earlier Taurus's fixture causes people to stick to a subject emotionally. It is not like Libra, Tul people jus forget all negativities and move ahead in life. Vrushabh people keep thinking about the same thing over and over again. This fixture has a potent anti dote in vrushabh, people can get out of worst depressions that can ever engross a person.
I myself have experienced this myself. I have been through hell in my Sade sati + Rahu-Rahu but I was never sad for more than a day. Recently I wrote a article "taurus moon kicks in" after a very bad experience about a friend. Again I am writing this one after a similar experience with the same friend. I don't know whether its bad to forgive a person or it is the bad person i forgived but I did folly last time. Once bitten twice shy now I wont be extending the olive branch ever again.
I thank my fortune for blessing me with the moon that is every astrologers envy. It has helped me tremendously and will continue to.
Embedding a song which i call "Taurus moon song". Its shaans "bhoool jaa". At the end of song when the girl dances you can sense the Taurus moon shining bright. Bye cya later



simply rocking article...
so close to my life...
i cant forget the bad experience, but somehow manage to convince myself...(read fool myself!!!)
whats wrong with being a fool as long as you r happy...

Anonymous said...

Your blog is beautiful in its simplicity and honesty, I have been going through it avidly n its virtually impossible for me to peel myself away from it. I do not know you but reading your articles make me happy since I can relate to so much of what you write.You radiate an innate wisdom and goodness.I wish you well.Bless you