Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dramatis Finale

I am writing this for me. I want to remember this time for ever. I want to capture the situation in a time bubble for me to view later.
I am going through what is called "Dramatis finale" .The climax ,finale of a drama is called dramatis finale. I am ending a drama and waitng for another to start. I am waiting for the curtains to glide shut on a old drama that is going to end now. For 3/4 years this old drama had been a part of my life. It sure is a sad thing to end soemthing but if somethign doesnt end where will the next new thing come from? It is the dead body of a huge old tree that acts as nutrient supplier for the future generation, may be its own progeny!! So letting go of past and smiling to new future. All ends are not happy but they sure are a hope, hope that new beginning will have a happy ending.
Mercury is exalted gochar going over in same state it is in my chart. Every year before my birthday mercury goes gochar giving me a lot. Planet grows me up a few inches(not physically now earlier it used to :P) as it goes gochar. Immediately after mercury my second power planet venus goes gochar. Both of these planets have always given me gifts as they move over.
I got mercury's gift now waiting for Venus. My wish for venus is "I want a spectacular Dramtis finale"

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