Saturday, September 20, 2008


One of my close friends is leaving for his fortune as I am writing now. He has to listen to his heart and do what it says to him. Rubbishing aside all my clairvoyant premonitions about how hard that time would be, he has set out to face the winds of high sea. I tried everything to stop him but like many other things I could not stop things from happening even as I see them. Well good thing is sure going to happen, he will see the outside world for first time. The protected and coddled one will have to see realities of world first hand. Its going to be a lesson for him which will be useful for future life(perhaps thats why he is going on this trip).
When I was a child I always used to sing loudly(and quite cacophonously) the rhyme of "lady with the aligator purse" I always felt a very odd sad sensation when the doctor, nurse and lady go and say bye bye. But doctors bye is not as bad as it still had nurse behind him, nurses bye still had the lady behind her but the lady-with-the-aligator-purse didnt have anything after her. She was a epitome of end a full stop. so when the song went "bye bye said the lady with aligator purse" I was all sad as a child. I am feeling quite same now.
Wel life goes on and take new turns for all. Just hoping that the turns will be pleasant for all.
Happy turning

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