Monday, January 4, 2010

Hope, good or bad?

The reason for this thought is but natural a personal hope. Right now I am hoping that I get a job. I had applied for a job and was called for interview too. Interview went well but owing to the holidays in between the decision has been postponed till the coming week. As the "D week" arrives I wonder what will happen to me? Will I get this job? I can only hope...
There is a very famous conversation in the movie "Shaw shank Redemption" about hope. About how hope can be fatal, crush a man's life when the deed is not fulfilled. On the other hand he spent the time he had hoping for it and at least that time was not bad. So what do we do exactly? Is it wrong to hope for something? If the wish does come true, then hope was the best thing to have and if it doesn't it was the worst thing.
My hope is worst than others, because its based on astrology. I am not just randomly hoping for something. My hope is based on the study if planets. That in sense complicates things because if this hope is not satisfied it will directly assault my belief in astrology. I know it sounds shallow and childish but when you hope for something for months on end, your mind makes up things and dreams that are very difficult to delete. At such a time an entity taking the blame for hope is a healing one. I am not saying that if I don't get the job astrology is wrong, I maybe wrong for astrology. :)

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