Saturday, September 19, 2009

Indian night out in Cleveland

I just came from a night out in Cleveland. We had an indian party, all indian students together gathered to celebrate the arrival of new indian students for fall 2009. I was quite apprehensive about attending such parties but now I have realised that those can be fun.
Later we walked home which is about 20mins away from the party hall, walking at night in Cleveland was very nice feeling, it is not too cold to shun outsides here yet and we all are enjoying the last days of summer now.
Entire day felt like shit today. I still haven't got a job, and the job which I was interested in is going to someone else (I suppose), then I emailed my professor on wrong email id, and an unmentionable yet sad event. In and all a total day of Ravi shani yuti. Lets see what good happens when the conjunction wears off tomorrow.
Till then I wait for sun to re-emerge from Saturn's shadow
Few pictures from party and the walk home..

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