Monday, July 13, 2009

Unremarkably remarkable

I had the most odd day today. I had decided to go for a morning show at 9 with a couple of friends. As usual we all didn't get up on time for 9 show. Hurriedly we raced to theatre to catch the 11 show and viola..there is no Transformers 2 show at 11. We got tickets for the 2pm show. now what to do from 10:30 till 2??
Then the fun began. We went into a really crowded restaurant. We knew that this restaurant would be horribly crowded at this time on Sunday, still we on purpose went in. We wanted to past time. There we we waited for an hour to get the table and I loved 45minutes of the wait. We had a boy constantly looking at us(or rather me :P). We spent a lot of time discussing whether he is gay or bi curious hehehehe...
Later we finally got a shared table ie its a big table we share it with other customers. Our table sharers were quite weird. First there were 3-4 ugly boys with us on table. They were talking of going to US and all, we were like "puhlease..we have our visas"..heheh just some boasting. Later a very weird fellow came and sat next to us. He wore s formal pant a very formal leather belt and to match off a funky t-shirt and a winter cap(??????? in July????) and was listening to what seemed a mp3 player(which actually on close observation was a cheap radio). He started screaming for tea, loudly. Whole restaurant was like "ehh?? wth"..he got his tea drank it like he were sipping vintage wine and then straight went to restroom. Returned in few minutes and just sat for dew minutes plain blank done, almost comatose. Later paid the bill and went away..
It was so unusual time in restaurant.

Now you would say whats remarkable about this?? This was the last time I was waiting with this very close friend of mine. He too is leaving for USA.
A single fact changed an entire stupid story into what is really was "Unremarkably remarkable".

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