Saturday, July 11, 2009

See you once again...

Generally I say that to any person while we say byes. Yesterday I realise that sometime in near future I will have to stop it for once. I still have time to go to USA, but one of my friends is leaving a little earlier as he will spend time with his family in New Jersey. As I saw him calling up all friends to tell them that he is going and wants to meet them one last time, it slowly dawned upon me that I would have to do the same some day.
Then I realised that there will be last meetings and last byes. I doubt when I return the things will have changed and I can no longer see and meet the friends that I did. However optimistic a person is, 2 years is just too much of time and this is tentative. Further I may meet close friends, what about the people who are friends but not that close? Will I even try to contact them?? Will I be the same person? Will the ever changing dynamicity show its irreversible effect and metamorphose my very existence into something that is absolutely different than what I am?
The womb of time holds the answer and it doesn't deliver prematurely..EVER..

A song that I have loved for ages. Westlife sings "My love".

So I say it in a breath
Hope my dreams will take me there
Where the skies are blue
To see you once again my love
All the seas go coast to coast
Find the place I love the most
Where the fields are green
To see you once again

I hope I see you once again, really......

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