Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Ghost - My new poem

Alone on a grey road,
 in a black night;
scared, she strode,
not a soul in sight.

Saw something near,
not very nice;
trembling with fear,
for every vice;

With courage hired,
did she accost;
The sceptre tired,
cold with frost.

Grey face ugly,
thin frame askew;
flesh all dangly,
but eyes were true.

I am your past,
sad,alone,a cast,
no idea how long,
before dead at last.

However disliked,
abhored, hated time;
You, my past spiked,
even riddled with slime.

Come with me,
Fear not quite;
I will set you free,
While we walk into the light.


Sree said...

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The Whispering Path said...

Nice :)

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